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Friday, March 12, 2010

The Presidents of the Royal Society (reprise)

In my previous post I described how I downloaded and played with the data on the fellows of the Royal Society, including a plot of the presidents of the society and their terms of office. I was a bit unhappy with this plot, I felt like it could be a bit more interactive. So I've been busy. The plot below shows you who was in office when you wave your mouse over it, and highlights their term. On the face of it this looks like I've done very little, but it took me six hours of playing with Protovis (a Javascript visualization library) top achieve this! You can do lots of very neat things with Protovis, and having done it one visualisation it should be easier to do the next one.


Chris said...

It may not work in IE, but it works very nicely, thanks, on my Ubuntu netbook running Chrome.

SomeBeans said...

I believe there might be a workaround for the IE issue, trying to track it down. I was trying to get the presidents terms to highlight in orange on mouseover but gave up.

SomeBeans said...

At last, finally got the colour highlighting working! That was getting on my nerves.